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    New York Piano Society is the closest thing to professional level performing available to me. Because of my love for classical music and lifetime’s work to be a good pianist, I owe it to myself to sustain a high level of competence in my playing, which only performing preparation can ensure.

    Richard JorgensenArchitect

    Before joining NYPS I struggled to find a good reason to engage with music dynamically, and my playing was at best rote and uninspired. I’m very grateful to NYPS for raising the bar. The combination of Elena’s artistic instincts, the level of members’ playing and the sophistication of the concert venues creates a high standard from which I’ve truly benefited.

    Andrew ThrodahlMarketing

    I feel so privileged to be a part of NYPS, and grateful to Elena, who has allowed me to grow as a musician and pursue my passion in ways I didn’t expect I would be able to when I left school.

    Nick SteadStrategic & Financial Planner

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